Welcome to the Privatise KB. Here you will get information on creating and managing your companies from the Partner Portal & Managed User Portal. You will also learn how to deploy Privatise manually or through an RMM, get troubleshooting help, and assistance on maximizing your experience with the Privatise VPN and our Remote Office Clusters (ROC).

If you've just gotten started with Privatise, make sure to watch the getting started demo: Privatise Video Demo

Here are links to articles on getting started with the Privatise VPN and our Remote Office Clusters.

  • About Privatise. This is a quick intro to where Privatise fits on your cybersecurity stack and its advantages.
  • Get Started Guide. This guide will give a brief overview to quickly get started with Privatise.

Groups, ROCs, Company Wide Settings

Manual Deployment via User (Legacy)

RMM Deployment

Secure Remote Access & AD Domain Controller Integration with Privatise


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