Privatise is a one-click install, cloud based network security product. We cover the entire “network” layer of the cyber security stack. A Privatise endpoint connected to a deployed ROC will cover:

  • Encryption in transit. The data you send over the internet will be encapsulated and encrypted with military grade, 256 grade encryption. This prevents:
    • DNS hijacking on the endpoint.
    • ARP spoofing on the endpoint.
    • Snooping on the endpoint.
  • DNS content filtering. Our enterprise level DNS filtering prevents malicious websites from infiltrating your network.
  • Dedicated IP:
    • Whitelist your users dedicated IP on cloud resources like Outlook 365 for enhanced security.
    • By whitelisting, you can also easily lock down a rogue employee from all resources with one click.
  • ROC Firewall
    • Our ROC firewall filters and protects your devices from malicious traffic.

Aside from preventing malicious attacks and phishing, Privatise will help you pass compliance for things like Cyber Essentials, HIPAA, CMMC & more.


We recommend a minimum of Windows 7, 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit processor.

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