If using a ROC, you should always add the ROC IP to your router/firewall's allow list for all incoming and outgoing traffic across all protocols. The ROC will handle the security for you and there is no need for your router or firewall security in addition.

Privatise Won't Connect on Windows

1. Open the agent.
2. Go to the three dot menu. 
3. Click on the settings menu.
4. Click "check" on TCP mode.
5. Reconnect Privatise.

If Privatise connects over TCP Mode

Please make sure that the device & network firewalls have protocol UDP and port 1194 open for incoming and outgoing traffic. If you are using a ROC, you can open up all traffic incoming and outgoing on your network firewall to the ROC IP. UDP being blocked over port 1194 is almost always a network firewall issue.

If Privatise does not connect over TCP Mode

 1. Open the agent.
 2. Click on the about menu.
 3. Check to make sure the device license information is present.

If the license information is not there, please uninstall Privatise from Add or Remove Programs and reinstall the agent. Please right click the installer and run as administrator when installing, and make sure to download the latest agent version from the Managed Portal.

If the license information is there, then please check firewall settings to make sure that there is nothing blocking VPN connections. Try connecting over your phone's mobile connection to see if it's a network firewall issue.


1. Make sure you have no other VPNs installed on your device that can be conflicting with Privatise.
2. Turn off any device firewalls or security features to make sure they are not blocking the agent.
3. Turn off any apps temporarily that could be affecting the TAP adapter. For example Webroot or any app that does DNS filtering.
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