General Settings

Here you'll be able to control the general settings of the group you're editing:

1. Enable Privatise over WireGuard: This puts all Privatise agents in the group on the WireGuard protocol. This is good if you have certain devices in an area with latency issues. The allow list does not work with WireGuard.

2. Enable All Static IPs: This is enabled by default and gives all Privatise agent internal static IPs over the ROC.

3. Enable “Classic” Split Tunneling. This has all internet usage go out over the general internet and not through the ROC, unless added to the Allow List.

4. Enable “Always On” mode: Prevent users from disabling Privatise under any circumstances.

5. Enable Trusted Networks: This will allow users to add Trusted Networks on their Privatise agents. This is not necessary to enable if you're setting up Trusted Networks from the dashboard.

6. Enable Windows Auto-Update. Automatically update agents on Windows. This is in beta and will work from Windows version 2.1.8 and up.

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