Welcome to the Privatise KB. Here you will get information on managing your Privatise company dashboard. You will also learn how to deploy Privatise, get troubleshooting help, and assistance on maximizing your experience with our Remote Office Cluster (ROC).

Here are links to articles on getting started with Privatise and our Remote Office Cluster (ROC) solution.

  • About Privatise. This is a quick intro to where Privatise fits on your cybersecurity stack and its advantages.
  • Getting Started Guide. This guide will give a brief overview to quickly get started with Privatise.

Main Company Dashboard & Settings

  • Provisioning a ROC. How to provision your very first Privatise Remote Office Cluster or ROC.
  • General Settings. Learn about the different general settings and how they affect your group policies.
  • ROC-DNS. Get started with our enterprise grade, ROC-DNS dashboard.
  • ROC Virtual Firewall. Control firewall policies with the ROC virtual firewall.
  • ROC ZTNA. Learn how to control ROC Zero Trust and create access permissions at the granular device level.
  • ROC Trusted Networks. Set trusted networks where you want to disable the Privatise protection.
  • Allow List. Control what resources are passed through or outside of the Privatise encrypted tunnel.
  • Manage & Add Admin. Manage, add, and remove admin users.
  • Manage Groups. Manage or add groups, add or remove devices and set group based permissions.

Partner Dashboard (for our Channel Partners)

Manual Deployment via Device w/ PIN

Deployment Integrations

Secure Remote Access w/ Privatise Server Agents


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